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Mars Rising Network Reviews

Find out for your self why the Mars Rising Network is one of the best invention companies in the country with an A+ & 5 Star Rating with the Better Business Bureau for the independent inventor with invention ideas and with superior invention services and inventor services at the very lowest cost with the highest in quality and integrity.




Just a few clients with great inventions that we update periodically

with some great inventor success stories and more to come


 Some of the Inventors shown have 3 D Animated Video Presentations as well

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We  provided all of the Product Development & Design Work – Patent Work – 3 D Modeling


3 D Animation Video Work – Sales Rep’s – Licensing Agents – Manufactures – Distributors


for all of the following Projects





Sharon Goodman: THE CAKE SHIELD……SUCCESS!!!……Sharon came up with a great idea with the Cake Shield and has already received positive results from Sales Rep’s and is now getting orders. All of this is because she did a prototype with us once she got great responses from her Presentation Brochure and then built those prototypes and began getting orders. We did her design work, patent work, and provided her with great contacts. Because she worked our program properly she has seen success.

   The Cake Shield is a new concept in the Party Industry. It can be clear to cover the cake and to see the cake and to protect it from bacteria and from saliva and for keeping it fresher longer.






The Cake Shield can also be made in decorator colors such as:

Round Cake 04






 Round Cake 06

Sheet Cake 02



Sharon Goodman Cake Shield Presentation Brochure


Sheet Cake 01





Terry Martin: BALL RETRIEVAL SYSTEM……SUCCESS!!!……Terry found a few manufacturers and Spalding as a distributor for his invention. He is also talking to other companies for more of a market share with his new product. All is the result of his dedicated effort and our custom design work and with our Licensing & Marketing Package and Patent Protection.

   The Ball Retrieval System is a new concept in the sports field primarily with baseball and softball. It is a system that is comprised of a strike zone portion that has a collection tub for the thrown ball to drop into and then the ball is directed into the hose portion. The strike zone has the bottom portion ball collector tub as the main body of the device that supports two poles that support the two nets. The nets act as a safety portion to keep the thrown ball inside the strike zone area to hit the pad and then drop into the ball collector tub.




Martin_BRSZ_final_H264-small-03   VIDEO


Martin_final-B_render_fig02_00000Martin_final-B_render_fig07_00000  Terry Martin Ball Retrieval System Presentation Brochure






Randall Ringo: QUICK ZIP FOR HELMETS……SUCCESS!!!……Randall has partnered with Invention City from our database and is raising more capital with Kick Starter. He is now setting up his own manufacturing for USA status and is using our retail database for his marketing program. Congratulations Randall. 

   The Quick Zip …….. Randall came up with a great idea to release the strap on your helmet very quickly and easily. This is a product that will do great numbers and is highly profitable. He is a great example of what hard work can do for you.




 Quick Zip Brochure – updated


Easy way to loose a helmet strap – Quick release tab 1
















Richard Fortney: RTB – RAISING TACKLE BOX SYSTEM……he is seeking a licensing agreement with a manufacturing or distribution  company.

   The (RTB) is a very unique tackle box system that uses a scissor jack mechanism to lift the system upward into a position that a fisherman can gain fast and easy access to bait and tackle. The scissor jack has pressed bearings that can hold up to 50 Lbs. of weight on the jack itself and it will stay in place while in an upright position. The tackle box itself slides in and out of the tray slider so that the fisherman has easy access to any bait or tackle needed. It takes up very little space and makes it so fast to get the bait or tackle that it and be used by professional fisherman in competition.

3 Rack Half-way Extended





4 Fully-extended Rack

8 Two Bait Boxes   Richard Fortney Scissor Tackle Box Presentation Brochure






Gary Withee: WIND TURBINE CHARGING SYSTEM……he is seeking a licensing agreement with a manufacturing or distribution  company.

   The Wind Turbine Charging System is a unique charging system using the wind resistance to spin the blades with proper gearing to spin the shaft fast enough to produce electric energy with a generator or alternator. We have developed a small self-contained device that can be attached to an electric automobile or recreational vehicle or boat or aircraft to generate enough electric power to charge a battery pack or battery bank to run an automobile or operate accessories.






46    Gary Withee Wind Turbine Charging System Presentation Brochure







Maria Wynn: TEETHING CRIB RAIL & ENTERTAINMENT PAD……SUCCESS!!!……She recently signed a licensing agreement with Becker Associates LLC and is talking to Babies R-Us and is finding more distribution for her unique invention. Another example of her dedicated efforts along with our custom design work and Licensing & Marketing Package and Patent Protection.

   The Teething Crib Rail and Entertainment Pad is a complete system for a child when in the crib is protected by a pad around the perimeter of the crib rails with a pliable rubber or plastic teething rail with knobs on the rail to stimulate the child while teething. The rail of the pad is designed to fit onto any size crib rail and makes the system stay in place and not move around while the child is griping or teething on the rail. The pad contains an LCD screen to show videos, programs and such to stimulate the child as they are in the crib. 







wynn_final_Red_A04_00000 wynn_final_blue_A02_00000   Maria Wynn Teething Rail Presentation Brochure








Joe Holmes: THE STICKLE SEAT……SUCCESS!!!…….he is manufacturing and selling this product now to stores but is also seeking a licensing agreement with a distribution  company. He was able to find many new stores with our database that we supplied with our Licensing & Marketing Package.

Joe had a great idea for a portable seat. The Stickle Seat is a new concept in portable seating for people that like to hike or like to bird watch. It comes in a wood stick or in a metal pole and is very strong and lightweight. The Stickle Seat is a very strong metal frame that has a unique round seat with support frames and support legs that fold up and down in a vertical parallel motion for a fast and easy use.








SickleSeat_5_NewSickleSeat_6_New  Joe Holmes Stickle Seat Presentation Brochure







Carl Ingram: SATELLITE DISH SIGNAL ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM……he is seeking a licensing agreement with a manufacturing company.

Carl had a great idea for a Satellite Dish Signal Enhancement System which is a new device that allows a signal from a satellite to be held in the center portion of the dish between the receiver and dish and be held in place by the Styrofoam and frame attached to the dish and receiver portion. This makes the dish on your home roof or wherever it is placed, have a much stronger signal and therefore allows a more perfect picture on your television in your home for normal weather conditions or for more severe weather conditions.







ingram_satalite_Final_A08ingram_satalite_Final_A06 Carl Ingram Saltellite Dish Signal Enhancement System Presentation Brochure






Bernard Walls: XTEND-A-LIFE……he is seeking a licensing agreement with an electronics company.

Bernard had a great idea for a way to charge a cell phone battery by using another persons phone to charge a short charge from one phone to the other in an emergency situation. It can also charge any cell phone very quickly by plugging the device into any wall socket or DC current socket. It is a very clever invention with a large market.







 2    Bernard Walls Energy Exchange Device Presentation Brochure






Paul Tylock: INDENTI-TAG……SUCCESS!!!…….he is manufacturing and selling his new product to pipe manufacturers for the drilling industry. We helped custom design his new invention idea and turned it into a real product and it worked for him because he stuck with it and was able to present the new product with our Presentation Brochure. It received great response and he is forming a new company because of all this.

Paul had a great idea for a new method to identify piping used for drilling purposes. He was working for a pipe manufacturer and fitter and realized there had to be a better way streamline the manufacturing and repair process within a factory environment. He is now selling his product to manufacturers across the country.

Identi-Tag v3 Yellow 3q top




Identi-Tag Green-pipe Wrap 1Identi-Tag Green-pipe Wrap 3      Paul Tylock Indenti-tag Presentation Brochure






Leo Gosson: LED ALERT SYSTEM……SUCCESS!!!……he found a manufacture and a distributor for this new invention which will be a product soon. He worked out a great royalty and all because of his hard work and with our custom design work with the Licensing & Marketing Package and with Patent protection.

Leo had a great idea for an LED Alert System that would alert cars on the street that a car is coming out of the driveway. It is also used for emergency vehicles such as an ambulance to know where the exact driveway is so that they can find them faster and easier. It is also used for an emergency signal if there is an in home emergency. The lights on the street will alert neighbors and a call for help. We designed the system for him and put together a package for retail sales.








 Leo Gosson LED Alert System Presentation Brochure

GosLED_animation_small_H264_09 Final Video












Noe Rivera: SNAP N DRIVE……he is seeking a licensing agreement with a major manufacture.

Noe had a great idea for a way to put a spare tire on your car in an emergency situation very quickly and easily. We helped design him a new concept with a tire that would be flat and snap onto the old tire and or rim and allow the car to be driven to a safe place or to a place where a new tire can be placed on the car. There are many applications for the military and such that could make this a real winner.








Noe Rivera Snap n Drive Presentation Brochure













Jeffrey Coffin: DUAL DOOR TRASH CAN……SUCCESS!!!……HE JUST RECEIVED HIS ISSUANCE NOTICE FROM THE PATENT OFFICE FOR HIS DESIGN PATENT which we did for him # D733,987……..he is now negotiating a licensing agreement with a major manufacture.

Jeffrey had a great idea for a Dual Door Trash Can that would be faster and easier to use. it allows a person to place the trash can liner into the top portion and hold in place with the o ring snapped in place. The dual doors open to the front allowing a much faster and easier removal of the trash can liner or bag.

3          5

6       Jeffrey Coffin Trash Container Dual Door Presentation Brochure





Kathy Harris: PORTABLE POTTY SEAT……she is seeking a licensing agreement with a major manufacture. She has also had other successes with other products she has invented in the past.

Kathy had a great idea for a Portable Potty Seat that would be easier to use and be better for sanitary purposes. This seat can be used by adults and children in public restroom situations. It has sanitary sheets that set on the existing toilet seat and hand wipes built into the seat. It has a carrying case and is a great option for anyone that is concerned about a more sanitary environment.











 Kathy Harris Potty Seat Presentation Brochure












Devin Williams: DIRECTIONAL TV REMOTE SYSTEM…….SUCCESS!!!…….We (MRN) decided to take this invention and manufacture and market it our self. We offered Devin a royalty and he accepted and we are prototyping and will be offering this product to retailers in the near future.

Devin had a great idea for a system that would always give you a perfect view of the TV as you move around the room. A small FOB Sensor attaches to your remote control or you can carry it and as you move around the room the TV follows you giving a perfect view of the TV anywhere in the house. This is a very clever product that will do well once it is picked up.

Front 3Q no TV





Devin Williams Directional TV Base Presentation Brochure


Tracking-LEFT Remote-BaseTracking-RIGHT Remote-Base 





Carmen Nudo: THE HOT & COLD VEST……Was Granted a patent # 8,434,163 seeking a licensing agreement or manufacturer / distributor.

Carmen had a great idea for a vest that can deliver hot or cold to the entire body. He is active in setting up a manufacturer or distributor and is also interested in a possible licensing agreement.


1 (2)


Carmen Nudo Hot & Cold Vest Presentation Brochure


4 (2)

 6 (2)





Clarence Parker: E-MOTION JEWELRY BOX DEVICE……seeking a licensing agreement or manufacturer.

Clarence had a great idea for a unique device that presents a piece of jewelry in the jewelry box that raises the jewelry as the lid is being pulled upward. Very marketable invention and we expect great things from Clarence.

5 (2)


 Clarence Parker Presentation Brochure

 Clarence_Parker_Version_8 VIDEO







Eric Mowry:   STAY FRESH……SUCCESS!!!……Eric found a Licensing Agent to represent him from our data supplied with his package. He is now having it prototyped by a large manufacture. He is not giving the name out as of yet but says he has accepted a royalty agreement and the product should be in the market by 2017. Another example of what can happen if you work the program and use our data in the Licensing & Marketing package. We also did all of the patent work for him.

Eric had a great idea for a way to keep vegetables, bread, and more stay fresher longer than a refrigerator. Food inside a freezer will dry out and the texture will change to a great degree. Food inside of a fridge will dry out, change texture and taste and it will not last very long. We designed and engineered a complete appliance that uses UV-B light to kill the bacteria inside the unit and will take the air out of the unit so that bacteria will not grow on the food inside. This makes it fresher much longer and the food will always have a fresh taste and texture. Eric found a licensing agent very quickly and is on his way. We will update his progress as soon as we know about it.








 Eric Mowry Stay Fresh Presentation Brochure

 Stay_Fresh_LG Video











Nathaniel Rhoden:   COUNT ON IT / DIGITAL TAPE MEASURE COUNTER………..SUCCESS!!!……..Nathaniel was just granted his design patent that we did the work on and looks like he will be receiving his utility patent shortly. He is now in the prototype stage and is talking to major manufacturers and distributors and could be in the market by 2017.

Nathaniel had a great idea for a unique tape measure that is digital and can not only measure a distance but can take the measurement and count how many parts it would take to complete a job or count how many units are in a pallet or how many items are on a shelf. This makes very easy for inventory purposes, accounting purposes, construction job bidding, and much more. We designed this invention from scratch with our design department as we do so many times and made a real product out of it. He is now presenting to companies, trade shows and licensing agents. We will update his progress as we are able to.


1 COI V3 Tape Retracted

 2 COI V3 Extended Tape

3 COI V3 Buttons Step 1



 Nathaniel Rhoden Count On It Presentation Brochure


6 COI V3 Buttons Step 4






Albert Hartkorn:   THE OVEN TOASTER………..SUCCESS!!!……..Licensed with his invention with Conair. This was a unique deal because who would have thought Conair would be  the company interested in this invention. They manufacture electric hair dryers… would have thought Coleman or another company. Just shows what can happen when you use our program and the data and stick with it.

UPDATE: Albert contacted the CONAIR company and they responded and then the attorney wrote him and they worked out a licensing deal. CONGRATULATIONS ALBERT

Albert had a great idea for a unique product that could be used at home with a regular toaster underneath to heat food quickly. He also wanted it to work with propane and on the side of a campfire as a full oven that could be folded up and carried easily. We designed this invention from scratch like so many others and made him a real product that works and is very marketable. We set him up with some licensing agents, trade shows, and companies that would be interested in his product. We will of course update his progress as we receive information from him.






 Albert Hartkorn Oven Toaster Presentation Brochure







Dustyn Zicafoose & Edward Little:   BABY BOTTLE & PACIFIER…….SUCCESS!!!……..They found a licensing agent from our list of data provided with the Licensing & Marketing Package and a manufacturer is now making a prototype of the invention for manufacturing and marketing. Again this shows what dedicated effort will do. Congratulations.

Dustyn and Edward had a great unique idea for a baby. Having children themselves they came up with this invention by the need for it. The baby can use the bottle and when they are asleep you can shut off the milk from the bottle and shut off the air supply from the pacifier portion. You simply twist the bottle to the left and the two are separated and the pacifier stays in the baby’s mouth and does not wake up. We designed this invention from scratch and made it a real product that is now being presented to companies that would be interested in marketing it. They are going to trade shows and talking to licensing agents. We will update their progress as it goes along.











Dustyn Zicafoose Baby Bottle Pacifier Presentation Brochure














Jackie D. Bullock:   THE SHNARKEL…..Seeking Licensing…..TOY MARKET

Jackie had a great idea for a unique snorkeling device for kids. By making the shape of the floating device like a shark fin or other animal like a dolphin or whale it can be a fun way to swim and to snorkel for children. We designed the product and created an entire product line for him. This will make it easier and more affective to gain interest from some of the more important toy companies. He has licensing agents and sales rep’s and toy companies looking at his product now. We will update his progress as we have the information.












Jackie Bullock Shnarkel Presentation Brochure













James Klatka:   PVC SWIVEL CONNECTOR….Seeking Licensing

James had a great idea for making a portable fence or portable structures to be assembled and broken down faster and easier. We designed a swivel device that accomplishes what James wanted. We supplied him with the proper manufactures and with licensing agents as well. He also received all the trade shows he would need to go to with the presentation brochure. We will update his progress as it goes.




5B  James Klatka Presentation Brochure







Victor & Steven Cianca:   THE CORN DIPPER – Seeking TV Sales & Licensing

Victor and Steven came to us with a great product idea that was not fully developed with another company. We stepped in and helped them with the redesign of the product and the presentation brochure and 3 D Animated Video. We also connected them to sales rep’s and licensing agents. This product is being looked at for TV now and we will update their progress as we are able to. 


1          5Victor Cianca Corn Dipper Presentation Brochure

The_Corn_Dipper Video







Johnny Dumas Jr:   THE SPIKE BITE……..SUCCESS!!!…….Johnny is manufacturing and marketing his product across the country. Our Licensing & Marketing Package was the perfect vehicle for his sell sheet and with the data of pet hospitals, pet clinics, pet retailers, and so on, he has orders coming in. Congratulations Johnny.

Johnny Dumas came to us with a product that was fully developed and we did all of his patent work and built a Licensing & Marketing Package with retail stores and buyers in the pet industry. He started getting orders very quickly so he has a great product and we will update his progress as it happens.


Material Sheet











spike vest spread














Yedidia Shofet:    NUMEROUS INVENTIONS………SUCCESS!!!…….Licensed 2 products himself – Marketing 1 product himself. Very proud of this guy that he is making money from all three projects. He works at it and sticks to it. He found an investor and used our program and is seeing success because of everything.

We have been working with Yedida for 3 years now. We did all his patent work and has been granted 2 patents so far. He licensed his Bobble Figure product, he licensed his Clean Cutting Board product, and is marketing his Fly Catcher himself. He is an avid supporter of ours and we have supported him through the entire process.


       FlyCatcher3DesignDrawings                                                                    Clean Cutting Board DrawingsDOG BOBBING







Ken Glaser:      3 Projects……….SUCCESS!!!………Selling 1 product himself – Licensed 1 product himself. His laser temperature sensor has been a big winner for him as he is leasing the system out to large refrigeration companies. He had his invention engineered and prototyped and then manufactured.

Ken is a true entrepreneur and has many inventions he wanted to move on. We have worked with Ken for 2 years now and we did all of his patent work on his Fridge Miser, Tooth Ball, and Laser Sensor products. We also put together his licensing and marketing packages with 3D Animated Videos which is helping him to secure licensing agreements with manufactures. He is a great example of what our program can do for inventors that are willing to keep trying until they succeed. He is a strong supporter of ours and we support him all the way through. Ken has more inventions for the near future as well.

 Fridge Miser
Tooth Ball




 Fridge-FreezerMiser_Revised_QT 480p (4×3)

CPTSLaserAnimation_QT 480p (4×3)             ToothBallAnimation_2.15.13_QT 480p (4×3)







Dr. Jassin Jouria:     SUCCESS!!!…….We are Marketing his Invention – All Patent work & Engineering….He is having the invention engineered and prototyped and is gaining investors along the way. Congratulations.

Dr. Jouira came to us with an idea for a medical device that would retrieve the four main vital signs simultaneously. We engineered and developed his invention and assembled an investor package so that he could gain investors for his project. We will fully develop his product for manufacturing and we will be marketing his product to sales representatives across the country to hospitals and doctor offices around the world. This the single largest product we have worked with and look forward to a great success and will put The Mars Rising on the map for more inventors in the future. We are now engineering the product and it will be ready for sales in 2017.



 FN_OmniSignDeviceAnimation_Dr.JassinJouria_QT 480p (4×3)







Gwendolyn Ponamar:    SUCCESS!!!…….. We Licensed her Invention & will Pay her Royalties

Gwendolyn came to us with an invention that was a new concept in holiday lighting. She had been granted a patent in 2010 and was having trouble getting companies interested in her product. We helped design a new product with all the advantages of the patent and would make the product much more marketable. We have licensed and engineered the product and are now in the USA and China with our manufacturer for sales to begin in 2017.






Timothy Wilkes:   SUCCESS!!!…….Tim wasissued his utility patent ….Congratulations Tim…..he also is talking to new companies about distributing his product.

Timothy came to us with a great idea regarding a new type of taco shape. We did all of his patent work and put together a great Licensing & Marketing Package. He has had some interest from Lifetime Brands and Norpro so far but felt they did not fit his product well enough. We will update his status as soon as we know what has happened. He is very serious and we see him having great success. Keep at it Tim……….

















Michael Welsh:     Seeking Licensing for 2 Invention products

Michael came to us July 2013 and we worked on 2 projects for him. The first was a new type of cooler for fisherman and the other was a new concept in muscle training for wrestling, boxing, and martial arts. We did  all the design work, all the patent work, and provided a licensing & marketing package with color presentation, data, and two 3 D Animated videos. He has been seeking licensing and we will update him soon.







 Fisherman’s Cooler


























Griffin Pierce:    Developing Software Application for Poker Games

We have been working with Griffin for over a year now and did all of his patent work and he is further developing the software application for his invention. You can reserve and find poker games in real casinos nationwide and online. We will update his progress as soon as it happens.









Kevin Irwin:     SUCCESS!!!……..Marketing & Selling the product himself

Kevin came to us in April of 2011 with a golf related product that he had designed and built himself. He realized that he needed to protect his invention as he was going to market and we helped with his patent work. He is now manufacturing his own product and is selling to customers and companies. He is working towards larger distribution of the product and possibly licensing. He has been working on this for a few years and is seeing some success.


Diagram D (2)





Diagram E (2)

































Hakeem Ogunmowo:     SUCCESS!!!…….Marketing & Selling the product himself

Hakeem came to us in November of 2011 with the “Wonder Shower Net”. He invented the product about a year before that and had just gotten his first orders from stores across the country. He had us do his patent work for him so that his product was protected. He now has another product which we have completed the patent work on and he is looking to market that product through the same stores he is marketing to now. He is moving forward pretty quickly and we are there to help along the way.
























David Israel:     SUCCESS!!!……Marketing & Selling the product himself

David came to us in November of 2011. He owns a jeans design and manufacturing company in Los Angeles. He had a new design for jeans and was tired of spending a lot of money for patent work and found our services at a fraction of the price. We did his patent work and performed the drawing work as well for his patent and for his manufacturing with CAD. After filing the patents he immediately began marketing his new jeans and is beginning to receive orders. We will be doing more work for him and his company in the future and look forward in updating his story.


 short 1




skirt 1

























Jeremiah Toliver:     SUCCESS!!!……Licensed his Invention himself to Kraco in 2013

Jeremiah came to us in March of 2012 with and idea for a lightweight, portable, and versatile baby stroller. It can fit like an umbrella and can be coupled together to form a double or triple stroller. We designed his invention for him and developed a licensing program with a 3D animated video to present to manufactures and marketing companies. We also did all of his patent work. Another example of what can be done if you are persistent. 



StrollerAnimation_QT 480p (4×3) (1)















Michael Vega:     Licensing his invention himself

Michael called us with an idea for the roofing industry. As a roofer for many years he realized a need for shoes that can adjust to the incline of a roof and maintain a level standing position so that the work can be done more easily and is easier on the workers back. We designed the shoes according to his specifications and added some new features as well. He is now in the process of introducing the invention to companies and we will update his progress as it happens.




 ShimShoeModel_5      ShimShoeAnimation_QT 480p (4×3)










Alexis Major:     SUCCESS!!!……Marketing & Selling the product herself

Alexis called us looking for a company that could do their design patent work for a very low cost. They are the Sammie Foremost, LLC fashion design company in Manhatten, New York. They are selling their designs and we are performing more patent work for them and for other companies that they have referenced to us.



















Tamara Jones:     Seeking Licensing but may Manufacture & Market herself

Tamara came to us with a very unique design for a backless woman’s panty. When we did our patent search there was nothing like this and she had a very determined attitude about marketing this product. We think she will be successful and we did her patent work and put together a great presentation and marketing package. We will update her progress as it happens.






panties back






















Cemal Alagoz:     Seeking Manufacturing and Distribution

Cemal came to us with a very unique folding building product. We did his patent work and also put together a licensing package using the 3 D Animated video. The video displayed his invention so well that he has contracts with companies in the USA and with Turkey. His invention will help many people throughout the world and we are very proud to have been a part of his success.






 BuildingWIthSolarPanels45degreesUp      CemalBuildingAnimationWithAudio_QT 480p (4×3)






 John Phillips:     Seeking Licensing Agreement

John came to us with an idea for the NASCAR collectors industry. The fastest growing sport in the country has a huge following and with that comes collectors for 1/24 th scale cars and memorabilia. He designed a unique and patentable race track setting for dragsters and NASCAR scaled cars. We did his patent work and his Licensing & Marketing Package. He is currently talking to companies about manufacturing the product. We will update his progress and post it accordingly.






Steven Peterson:     SUCCESS!!!……Manufacturing & Marketing Himself

  Steven came to us as a Lab Technician for the Dentistry industry. He had a great new idea for a design to hold crowns while preparing them for use with the patient. We did all of his patent work and helped him with a database of dentistry manufactures and distributors along with dentist offices nationwide so that he could market the product himself. We will update his progress as usual.



Crown holders 001



Crown holders 005